Wellness Supplements

Preventive wellness is about selecting supplementation to enhance our body's performance, reduce stress and support the body with the ability to detox and repair. After treatments in the spa, you can support your body in between visits with supplementation.  In keeping with our mission, we have provided a nutraceutical line that has no binders or fillers, provides rapid absorption and is whole food supplementation.

Many medications deplete the body of essential nutrients and it is important to replace the nutrients our body cannot make. (It is advised with all supplementation that you consult with your physician especially for medication contraindications and interactions.If your healthcare provider has already recommended supplementation, then you will find this line to provide superior delivery with a uniquely patented delivery system for rapid absorption into the bloodstream. These are only available from licensed health care providers, medical grade quality. No MlM! They are easy to take and taste good too. You will love them! Consultation Available.

You can see our complete health professional nutraceutical supplement line and read all about the details, science, ingredients, and FAQs here on our website here.   Here are just a few of our favorites: